Tips on How to Have a Successful Open House

Having an open house is the best opportunity for you to expose your listing to the largest number of buyers. It is also the chance for your prospective buyers to preview what is inside the home. There is also a possibility that a home buyer will just walk-in in an open house and will buy it right away. That’s a very rare scenario but it happens.

The first step in hosting an open house is to make sure that it is clean and very presentable. If you cannot organize it really well, ask the help of a friend who knows interior design to help you stage the house. When it is ready for viewing, advertise it online. Use descriptive words that are powerful enough to drive the readers to visit it. Post the advertisement everywhere online-including in social media.

Make Open House signs in the busiest intersection near your home. Attach stringed balloons in the “Open House” mark. Make arrow sign leading prospects to the right direction. Put arrow sign in every few blocks until it ends at your house. The driveway must be cleared so that it will be easy for the buyers to locate the house. Nicely ask your neighbors not to park their cars in front of your house.

Open the window and the curtains. Let the sunshine in as it naturally deodorizes the house. Do not use air freshener as some people are allergic to it or they just don’t like the smell of synthetic odors. Set the A/C on early in the day since Las Vegas tends to get very hot, very quickly now that it’s summer. If you’re showing a house near lake Las Vegas real estate have some sunscreen readily available for families who might want to stop by the lake afterwards. It will show you care and can be prepared for everything. Don’t forget to turn on all of the lights and put some light music set a mood. Make sure that you have flyers available in at least four colors that contain high-quality images and information that can convince a buyer to purchase a home.

You should also have flyers that explain to the buyer his financial options so that the buyer will immediately know his monthly mortgage payment. Have a calculator, a pen, and paper always available. Depending on your budget and how much you can earn from selling the house, you can offer some refreshments and snacks for the guests.

Most of all, be cheerful and professional as you tour the buyer inside the house. Lastly, ask for feedback. Ask them what they think about the house and if they are will consider buying it. This will determine what you need to do next.