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How to stage a home for a viewing or open house

Holding an open house is key for your house to get noticed by people looking to buy a property. Staging is the process of making your house more appealing for any person taking a look during an open house or home viewing visit. The key here is to do it right so people become interested. Doing it wrong, on the other hand, can cause people to walk out and move on to the other properties for sale in the vicinity.   

An open house is your best opportunity to maximize the chances of getting it sold. So, the question is asked, how do you stage a home for viewing or open house? 

Plan everything 

Before holding an open house, you must make sure to plan what needs to be done to make your house more appealing. This means making a list of all things that need to be fixed, replaced, improved, and thrown out. Give each undertaking ample time so you get things done right and on schedule. Aside from setting a schedule, you also need to set aside a monetary budget to cover everything. 

Perform the simpler things 

You want to save as much money as you can because getting a house sold can take quite some time. Perform the simpler things like throwing out the trash, mowing the loan, or painting the walls. Have your family members help you out on this to get more done on time and spend quality time on a meaningful activity before moving into your new address. 

Leave it to the Pros 

For the more complicated home repair projects, it is best if you let the professionals take care of it. It can surely cost money but it is for your own good. Not only will the results work wonders for your house, you give your potential buyers the impression that the house was properly maintained by the previous owner. Making it easier for them to decide to buy your property. 

Look at pictures on the Internet for inspiration 

If you’re short on creative ideas because you’re stressed about all the preparations, just take to the internet for inspiration. You’ll see how other homes are staged and see what can be applied that works for what you have.  

Get rid of bad smell 

Another thing that can turn off any prospective buyer is if your home smells. You may have gotten used to the smell and forgot all about it. This is usually the case when you have pets at home. If you think you are not capable of doing this, hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you.  

Once you have done the abovementioned things, maintain the current state of cleanliness and orderliness in your home until the time comes for the open house.